Thursday, December 9, 2010

NLT Translation, Facebook, & Give The Word Contest @TyndaleHouse @AdamSab

The Mosaic Bible introduced me to the New Living Translation, which I come to love. Those who follow the Bible translation controversies know the balance between literal, word-for-word translations and paraphrases. I have come to prefer translations more on the paraphrase side because it emphasizes the spirit of the text, while literal translations can be clunky and over-emphasize a fundamental interpretation, which I do not generally support.

Anyway, I have found NLT is an excellent balance between the two methods. It's more on the spirit of the text side compared to many translations, like the ESV (English Standard Version), but is faithful to the text. In my experience, it has been incredibly readable and accurate, which is obviously very important for good devotional and theological Bible reading.

Anyway, right now, the NLT Blog is having a contest for a free One-Year NLT Bible. They are also running the Give the Word contest, which not only supports Wycliffe Bible Translators, the Dream Center, and Oasis International and getting the Bible to those who do not have a copy, but you also get the chance at a cool vacation and other goodies! The NLT Facebook page also frequently announces great giveaways and news about the NLT, like the recently announced NLT Online (there's also an interlinear version for those who read Greek and Hebrew).

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