Monday, November 16, 2009

Mosaic Bible Review

I recently picked up the Mosaic Bible. There's a nice review here, too, which goes into the history of Bible versions really nicely!

I really like this Bible for a variety of reasons. First of all, it's beautiful. I love the Celtic cross cover (on the imitation leather version). From my Religious Studies background, I particularly love and appreciate illuminated manuscripts, and this Bible is basically a modern illuminated manuscript. I really like how it includes meditations and thoughts from around the world, around the centuries, and around the Christian traditions. It truly is a Mosaic.

This Bible has gotten back into reading the Bible. I've been following the church year, and breaking up the weekly meditations each day, reading part of the meditations and one of the Bible readings. I really like how the meditation sections and the Bible sections cross-reference each other. I can turn to the page in Scripture, and there is a note in the margin of which verses were the recommended ones for that week. It makes remembering the readings easier!

As the week's meditations are all on one theme, I'm trying to consider that theme throughout the week and view life through that lens. You can imagine the ways that can make one more aware of spiritual realities and connect more to God.

One note: If you get the imitation leather, don't let it get moist. Some light condensation from a water bottle (in another section of a bag!) was absorbed by the back cover. It took hours to dry and still is a bit warped... :(

But it's still my favorite Bible to date (and I have a ton!).



    Found this link which allows one to try using the Mosaic Bible it has on-line.

    I found the introduction, explaining the Church year and the 6 seasons of the Christian Calendar quite interesting.( I guess I knew but never counted the different "seasons" as such)

    Next, I followed the first week of Advent pages on "Longing" and copied the suggested readings to read later.

    Thanks for this topic which has led me to just what I need to make this season more spiritual and less about the hussle and bustle that can be fun will be a longer more spirit fulfilling time with these four weekly segments on which to concentrate for study.

    Wish me luck and Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Just realized that Josh, you already had the same link in your original post that I put up. My apologies for missing it.

    I guess it is a bit late here in the East! Also thanks for the other link, the review of the Mosaic Bible.

    Guess I need to get to bed..;)!

  3. Thanks, J-M! I appreciate you mentioning that you can actually "try" the Bible online. I believe it's actually an excerpt from the Advent booklet, which I believe it available for only $2 or so...



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