Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sola Scriptura Challenge

This is a nice post criticizing the theology of sola scriptura. I was once an advocate of this proposition, but I agree with this other writer now. While Scripture is wonderful, and we need to take it seriously, we cannot rely on it alone. There is so much more that God uses to speak to us and frankly to help us interpret Scripture that we cannot ignore it.

This is one theological area I strongly disagree with Luther on, as I have described earlier. We cannot simply look at the plain meaning of the Bible, and when we realize we interpret and look for the intended meaning, we are not only using scripture...

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  1. Josh while i like what you usually post this guy's understanding of history and the bible are a little shady at best. The early church that didn't have a cannon of scripture often times referred to Paul's or Peter's writing or teaching that they taught to them personally and wrote to them explaining how to live as they had seen them living like an example of scripture standing among them since the disciples themselves had seen The Word lived out among them in Jesus. The verse that says "all scripture is God-Breathed (inspired) useful teaching, correcting, rebuking and training up in righteousness was written to let people know what the scriptures were for.
    As far as we all have a different perspective so there can't be an objective truth line is horse poo. These same people will say we are only blind men groping a large animal some touching the leg will say it's a tree some at the tail will say a branch some at the front will say a snake while those who touch it's center will say a huge moving pillow all the while they are touching the same elephant...they are all still wrong, it's an elephant! The objective truth is real and attainable and knowable! While we can't know everything there is to know what we can be sure we know of God can and SHOULD be checked through His WORD. Even Paul commended a group of people for checking the word of God to make sure what he was preaching was inline with scripture and gave others the command to do the same! His blog just shows us how illiterate and lazy we've become. People who find one verse to support a claim and don't understand context shouldn't be exposing such things. While I agree God uses many things to teach people if people are learning "new truths" (in the sense that after 2,000 years it has never been seen in Christianity) through God's word, then maybe they are reading it as they would a newspaper, or library book in context. If we can't trust that the WORD of God is such than what is it he is even basing such a conclusion on, his own subjective reasoning it seems a self refuting proof and therefore not worth writing about...and yet here i am writing about it!



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