Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Limitations of "Biblical"

I frequently hear people defend a concept by saying it's biblical. That's a statement that's hard to argue against because it's just so final.

The problem is different people have different ideas of what is biblical. It largely depends on approach to interpretation and reading the Bible. As everyone knows, anyone can find support for anything within the Bible through proof-texting.

Is that biblical? Of course not. In order to achieve an accurate interpretation, we need to consider the entire text (chapter, book, and entire Scripture) and cultural context. The problem is that people can take all of those things into account and still disagree on interpretation.

So what's the point of calling something biblical? It seems like it's, once again, a way to defend oneself and one's beliefs. It also disallow any ability to have an honest conversation and exploration, leading to Truth. And that's a problem.

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