Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remembering Biblical Assumptions @penns1176 @BioLogosOrg

BioLogos posted a great article based on a video of Pete Enns (the same guy who had a great article/presentation on doubt). In the new post, Enns describes how ancient readers and writes had different assumptions and understandings of the world than we do today. And that affects the biblical narrative.

This is an excellent reminder that we cannot approach the Bible with the lens of a modern American person only. We will impose assumptions as to what the text is saying that are simply inaccurate. And then this leads to incorrect interpretation and fights over infallibility and inerrancy. If we take the original context and intent into account and not try to impose our own worldviews on it (won't ever be totally possible to avoid), then we will get closer to God's original intent in the text.

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