Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scientific Misunderstanding of Religion

I really like this blog post about how scientists misunderstand religious people. I particularly like and agree with the comment that the problems is that "scientists lack a spirit of dialogue." Now, many Christians do, too, but that can be particularly true and problematic in the scientific arena. In many ways, this is the case because the ultimate goal of objective findings is something that cannot be disputed. In other words, there's no dialogue. And based on the nature of this blog, I obviously think dialogue is really important. :)

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  1. Good that there is growing recognition that the scientific community lacks a spirit of dialogue.

    However,the articles comment that "The premise of the film is that while ID(Intelligent Identity) has been completely refuted by the scientific community" shows the film or the writer's interpretation lacks scientific protocol it appears. ID has not been completely refuted, (read Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking and David Suzuki recognition that there must be an intelligent force at work for creation to have occurred and evolve as it does).

    Certainly, most of the scientific community continues to seek proof before accepting ID but science protocol also requires, I believe, that nothing can be entirely truly proven in the absolute!

    I am one who does not really want ID proof. It would reduce my sense of the importance of Trust and Faith.

    Thanks for the link. I love following these discussions by scientists and those attending to report it to the greater population.



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