Sunday, October 11, 2009

Evangelicalism and Spiritual Formation

This is an interesting post relating the label evangelical to the area of spiritual formation. What are your thoughts?


  1. EV spiritual formation: Word of God. Streams of Living Water (Foster)

  2. Practicing Evangelicalism daily for me is now, I know, essential for myself in attaining a more complete Spiritual Formation.

    The more I sense every aspect of my day feeling His presence and that I am partnering with Him in whatever I do, the better for my sense of well-being and that my days are well spent!

    With His Love to all
    J-M (Canada)

  3. Ted: I love Streams. It is an excellent resource, and that is a perfect, succinct summary of Foster's definition of Evangelical. What do YOU think, though, it looks like in daily life that would make EV spiritual formation different than other types of spiritual formation?

    Jan-Michael: Similar to my last question to Ted, how does that type of engagement, which makes complete sense, btw, make it uniquely evangelical?

  4. Evangelicalism for me emphasizes personal commitment to Christ and the authority of the Bible.

    Of course, that includes for me slow reading of the Gospels and translations, putting the words in context of the times and places. (eg) Good Samaritan takes on a much greater meaning when you know Samaritans were essentially outcasrs of the time and place of the story.

    Likewise, The Lord's Prayer may be looked upon more as a prayer for the morning and throughout the day not just for retiring, when we look at the words, "Give us this day"...

    Without the constant returning to awareness of His presence I do not know that I could achieve a true sense of Spiritual Formation myself.



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