Saturday, October 31, 2009

Religion Definition

One of the things I advocate for is widening our use of the term religion, as we often use it in too narrow of a way (i.e. for only theistic perspectives).

Anyway, this is an interesting article looking at identifying science as a religion. I would agree with that assessment under certain circumstances.

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  1. Well the article was interesting but i think that science is a religion regardless of those within it's walls esteem it as such or not. I however don't believe science worships truth for if it did the would follow The Truth. As it is they follow there hypothesis rather than truth and theories as their Theos. I don't think the word religion needs to be widened to see this fact. "something one believes in and follows devoted" This is the 6th definition of religion as stated on and would include those who practice science as their religion ;-)



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