Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sending to Hell

As probably all of us have heard, many people consign others to Hell. Sometimes on a regular basis. You've heard it: So-and-so is definitely in Hell.

I've heard it in news articles, on street corners, in casual conversation, on blogs, from the pulpit, and probably in many other situations.

I wonder if this is really useful, effective, or God honoring...

I think there's something to be said for having humility of not assuming we completely understand an individual's relationship with God. Sure, there are times when we can be pretty sure someone may not be a "Christian," but what is the benefit of advertising that?

In small settings, a discussion may be acceptable, but I personally have an issue when it's in a large, public setting, particularly from the pulpit. Not only have I disagreed with many of the judgments of preachers, the comments can be misunderstood, and the speaker may not have time to clarify what they mean by it or why they think a person is in Hell.

Again, though, what does it matter? Why are we judging others who are already dead? Is this really useful? What do you think?

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