Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Article Round-up 4/13/10

Here's some recent good articles:

Suicide and Facing Despair. This is an excellent article on suicide, depression, and the church.

Allow For Space In The Music. I just lectured on trauma and the dark night of the soul, and this hits a lot of similar points of my recommendations of validating people's experiences and sitting with the pain. This just says it a lot more eloquently. :)

Who Are the De-Churched (Part 2). A good follow-up to an earlier article. The focus on the problems with a moralistic emphasis makes this read particularly worthwhile.

Going Into Full-Time Ministry
. This does a nice job of explaining that ministry is not just formal ministry, like that of a pastor. In fact, everything we do is ministry.

Getting Back to Basics. A nice, short article reminding readers that ARE negotiable elements in theology and that we need to be generous with others.

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