Monday, December 21, 2009

Noticeable Intervention

As I've mentioned before, I follow a few science and religion blogs. Many of these focus on evolution (too much, in my opinion). Of course, there are a lot of debates, even among Christians, about how to reconcile scientific discoveries about origins of humanity with faith traditions.

One comment I saw stated that an explicitly Christian perspective states that for God to be involved, there must be a noticeable intervention.

I'm not convinced of this. Using the highly theologically accurate and academic source of Futurama, who quoted God as saying, "If you do everything right, they won't know you did anything at all."

While not the best source to ground one's faith, I think this is a very accurate description of how God often works. This fits with "the still small voice." God does not always work in overt, explicit, obvious ways. That's the need for faith. If everything were clear, I doubt we would have so many debates.

It's not that God couldn't work explicitly, but I think he more often works Incarnationally.

What do you think?


  1. "Explicit" in this case seems to mean "unpredictable." The standard paradigm seems to be that anything regular and predictable is just natural law and not God. Which leaves only the irregular and unpredictable as the realm for God. Sort of like saying that you only have an actual spouse when the person who inspires those loving feelings is being erratic and unpredictable.

    One example is the use of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle as the one way to smuggle God into the some supposed secret passageway into the world of natural law. I'd hate to make an equation that makes a calm, orderly, predicable God non-existant.


  2. I believe "as God breathed" me(us) into existance, HE is doing things explicitely through us!

    Yes, we have choice to "follow" or ignore that silent voice and yes, there is still a separate God breathing life into being as well as encouraging us or leading us, saying yes, no or not yet, etc. But I believe that the Good (read GOD) things we do are the "Spirit" of HIM which he bestowed on all of us, HIS sons and daughters, as HE made (makes) us in HIS own image!

    He is blessing us



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