Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lectio Divina & Music

This was a very interesting review by Christianity Today on Son Lux's (aka Ryan Lott) new album. The author described the album as a "musical lectio divina." Very clever idea.

Music is an excellent way to engage God in a deeper way. While I'm not a fan of Son Lux's musical style (at least from the 30 second iTunes previews), I love the idea of integrating art into our spirituality and really using it to express our spirituality and encourage a true experience of God in ourselves and others.

Particularly in the modern church, there are discussions of making music too "showy" and too much of a performance. While I completely agree it needs to be sincere, there is something to be said for good music that really gets someone "rockin'."

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a stereotypic church worship service during the music time. Now do the same thing, imaging yourself at a concert of your favorite musical artist. How do your reactions and feelings compare?

Most of us get moved more by a concert. Isn't that interesting? Professional musicians know how to touch our emotions. Church worship music often is viewed as a formality that is separated from our emotions (at least in most white churches). I would love to see the time of musical worship in churches be much more emotive, touching our hearts and souls rather than just being something we have to do...

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