Sunday, October 23, 2011

We're Adopting!

After a lot of thought and prayer, Laci and I have decided to pursue adoption, which we’re really excited about and really feels like our calling. The process takes a while, but I wanted give you a heads-up about stuff that will be going on for us in the next several months.

The first stage we’re in right now is raising the initial funds, so we’re doing a few fundraisers, and if any of you want to help out with any of them, we’d definitely appreciate it. First, we’ll be selling some stuff at a craft fair in our hometown of Grand Terrace on November 5. If you have any homemade crafts you want to donate, that would be great. We’re also hoping to do a garage sale in the next month or two, so donations are also welcome to that. Finally, we’re planning on getting people together to go to TV tapings. If you haven’t been to one, they’re a lot of fun, and depending on our group size, they’ll actually donate to our adoption fund!

I know money is tight, so I’m not asking anyone to donate any money, but if you would like to go to a TV taping or something, that would be helpful and fun. And your love and prayers are always appreciated!

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