Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Synchroblog: The Manifestation Of God

This post is part of the synchroblog on the Manifestation of God, celebrating the liturgical season of Epiphany. This season celebrates the Incarnation, God becoming flesh.

As readers of this blog know, I love talking about the Incarnation and consider it central to my faith. The birth and existence of Christ is obviously central to most Christians' lives by definition. However, I consider it as something important to remember as a continual Incarnation. Christ lives, breathes, and acts on this earth on a daily basis through each of his children. The Holy Spirit grants us the ability to love others with the love of God, which far transcends anything a human could do on his or her own.

We hear a lot of talk about loving others as Christ loved them. The other element of the Incarnation is experiencing and receiving Christ's love. While we can recognize how people are loving others, it can be difficult to see how God is loving us through others.

Oftentimes, it takes some sort of tragedy to really notice this love. And that's a tragedy in itself. However, this is how God can turn even the most horrible of circumstances into something beautiful.

Being a psychologist who deals with a lot of forms of tragedy, I love working with trauma because that's when I see people being authentic with themselves and others. And most importantly, people rally together and love.

Problems happen when we don't accept that love. Without love, we will die. With it, we will survive. It can and will be difficult, but together, we can continue to live.

Accept God's love today. Look for it in the eyes of another.

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  1. Josh - it all comes down to love, doesn't it! Thanks for the reminder that we need to love, we need to be loved and that love is the pathway to life.

  2. Amen to that, Liz! Thanks!! One of the things we have to remember is not to just love others, but to accept the love of others.

  3. josh, thanks for this. like liz said, it does all come to love, doesn't it? i really liked what you said about us experiencing Christ's love for ourselves, too. of being vulnerable and open to receiving and not only being in the place of giving. great post, thanks for sharing!



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