Sunday, September 27, 2009

Definition of Evangelical

I just took an interesting survey on the Emerging Evangelical Intelligentsia, which in part looked into the definition of "evangelical" and how much the responder identifies with that label. It had some excellent questions about how we define it and associate with it.

Have you thought about how much you do or do not identify with that label and why? Labels are interesting things, especially as we use them for ourselves...


  1. "Christian theological view emphasizing personal faith and the authority of the Bible" is how I associate the term Evangelical.

    I do, along with that, use the word Christian, the name Jesus, God and faith openly which I used to be cautious of but not any more. I use "we have been Blessed" whenever something good happens and I try to act and ask Him the way to go!

    I do not knock on people's doors or hold up Jesus Saves signs but hope by trying to follow Him and not hiding my Faith I am affecting others positively abd evangelically.

    With His love and care
    Jan-Michael (Toronto, Canada)

  2. Just an aside..I found the survey and completed it. Very fascinating , both the questions and my answering them that made me THINK.

    Guess it was same survey

    Emerging Evangelical Intelligentsia Survey
    Thank you again for taking the time to participate in this survey!! We sincerely appreciate the contribution that you have made to our research.

    Again, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us:

    James C. Wallace, Senior Researcher
    CURA Emerging Evangelical Intelligentsia Project
    Telephone: 508.649.2030

    Timothy S. Shah, Principal Investigator
    CURA Emerging Evangelical Intelligentsia Project
    Telephone: 240.912.5697

    Boston University
    Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs (CURA)
    10 Lenox Street
    Brookline, MA 02446
    Telephone: 617.353.9050

    Thank You!

  3. I too just took the survey. I don't identify with the label per-say mostly because of what others pour into the label and it takes away from the main point of sharing the gospel. I want to be ID'd as being Christ's.

  4. The link to participate in the Survey is contained in the 1st page of the following introduction:

    I think, in agreeing with Mark's comments, it is very important to participate, certainly as the questions are open enough to write a few lines of your own rather than all yes/no or multiple choice which can be mis-interpreted.

    Thanks to "Josh Morgan" for putting me onto the survey through his post;also to Mark for his well-said points.




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